Kevin R. Umbaugh for Congress 6th District of South Carolina.

The only real cure to unemployment is to drastically and immediately cut taxes and cut government spending. And to remove unneeded government regulations that stifle economic growth. By simply getting government out of the way, we can create millions of productive private-sector jobs.

Liberty Pledge Newsletter March 2014 - Carla Howell

     Americans are becoming deeply concerned by Democrats' and Republicans' refusal to stop government overspending. Voters fear that the entire economy could suffer a major crash or prolonged recession, much like the decline of many European economies under socialist policies.

     The Libertarian Party is the only political party in America dedicated to dramatically reducing government spending, taxation and debt, creating real economic growth.

     Libertarian candidates such as Kevin Umbaugh running for Congress in South Carolina, vow to cut government spending dramatically and to regulate the federal government -- rather than micromanage the people and businesses of the United States. He will help get the government out of the way so we can grow thousands of productive private-sector jobs in South Carolina.


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